With real cheese taste.


Welcome to NewFields.

Makers of plant-based cheeses made from natural plant protein sources. Just as shreddable. Just as meltable. Just as flavorful. But better for you and the planet.

What is it about NewFields plant-based cheese?

Well, a few words come to mind. Healthy, Vegan. Lactose-free. Sustainable. Non-GMO. Planet-conscious. Along with flavorful, meltable and delicious. Simply put, it’s a great-tasting plant-based cheese that doesn’t compromise the environment and supports your plant-based brands.


Cheese from crops.
Not cows.

Deliciously dairy-free.


Plant Protein.

Why NewFields?


We’re an industry leader, born from roots in formulating and making products to scale to support growing brands. We’re committed to helping non-dairy cheese makers and food service distributors offer the best-tasting products to their consumers. But more than that, we’re committed to crafting the finest plant-based cheese in the market. Through innovation, passion and collaboration. We have world-class capabilities to deliver exceptional quality, at impressive quantities. (Plus, we’re from Wisconsin. Which means we know a thing or two about cheese.)


We are lovers of cheese. We are lovers of the flavor. The feel. The meltability. The gooey-ness. The cheddar and the mozzarella and the parmesan. And now, the plant-based. Because at NewFields, we believe that great cheese can be grown from the earth. And it can be just as good. Actually, it can be better in some ways from traditional options. For you. For the environment. (And, dare we say, for your pizza. And sandwiches. And burgers.) We are NewFields. We are lovers of cheese.